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“Modern Collision has always treated me with respect and done a fabulous job on the vehicle. Unforeseen issues sometimes arise, and they have always fixed the issue in a completely professional manner and ALWAYS to my benefit.”

Wondering how much repair work will cost? No need to speculate: we are happy to give you a free estimate. Call us today.

Car Refinishing In Kingston

If you are in Kingston and are looking for car refinishing services, choose Modern Collision Services. While we all know that quality auto paint is essential for a car, the preparation of the paint is equally important. Over the years, we have mastered the art of paint preparation and can transform the appearance of your car. Using quality paints, we will achieve a finish that will turn heads for many years. We take enough time during surface preparation to make sure it is perfect and only then apply the paint. Prior to painting, we:

Perform body repairs

Perform repairs for chips and scratches

Add protective surface sealant

Your Car Never Looked This Stunning

Once we have prepared the surface, your car is ready to be painted. We will begin by protecting all the sensitive areas and paint your car with your choice of colour and style. Based on your requirements, we can add additional coats to achieve the look you have in mind. Contact us today to find out how we can transform your car.

Drive into Our World of Coats

Give your car the right finish with our automobile painting services. Click on the “call now” button to discuss your requirements.

We Only Use the Best:

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