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“Modern Collision has always treated me with respect and done a fabulous job on the vehicle. Unforeseen issues sometimes arise, and they have always fixed the issue in a completely professional manner and ALWAYS to my benefit.”

Wondering how much repair work will cost? No need to speculate: we are happy to give you a free estimate. Call us today.

Car Rust Removal In Kingston

Rust on a car is not just unsightly; it can cause damage as well. At Modern Collision Services in Kingston, we provide car rust removal services. What is rust? It forms when iron or a material that contains iron is exposed to moisture and oxygen for long periods of time. Rust can weaken the metal, in this case your car, because it is exposed to harsh weather conditions and salt-coated roads, if in Canada. Driving into our garage means you are improving the life and value of your vehicle, and you can be confident throughout the year that rust won’t get in your way.

Get the Rust Check Done

While the ideal way to prevent your car from rusting is to park it in a garage, it may not always be an option for many. To make sure external elements like the weather, bird droppings, dust etc. are not harming your car, we recommend you bring it to Modern Collision Services for a thorough rust check. We will thoroughly examine your car and treat the rusted area. In some cases, we may even be able to paint it for you. For further details, feel free to speak to us.

Rust-proof Your Car

Minimize the impact of rust on your car by bringing it to us in Kingston for rust removal.

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